Corporate and Commercial Law

We have experience in corporate and commercial law issues outside of the health care industry.

We frequently advise our business clients in a variety of matters outside the health care industry. Our experienced team regularly assists with incorporations, strategic planning, structuring and reorganziations of various complexity.  In addition, we have worked on a variety of asset and share purchase transactions and agreements involving several stakeholders for clients from a variety of different industries.  

Corporate & Commercial Law, Cappellacci DaRoza LLP, Toronto

Specific Services

  • Incorporations, organizations and general corporate maintenance
  • Business/strategic planning and structuring
  • Corporate restructuring; reorganizations; amalgamations; dissolutions
  • Purchase and sale transactions
  • Financing/loan transactions; security issues
  • Shareholder, partnership, joint venture and co-tenancy agreements
  • Employment/consulting agreement and issues
  • Various commercial agreements
  • Incorporation of not-for-profit corporations
  • By-laws and corporate governance matters

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